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Unique Colors are not unique

Unique Colors are not unique Task
Assigned to:Jan Paul Imhoff
Due date:%2007/%09/%24 %00:%Sep

There occurs situations when players are assigned the same colour. e.g. There are in a game three players are assigned colors in order of appearance: 1-R 2-G 3-B Then if player 2 leaves the game for some reason and then player 4 joins the game it looks like this: 1-R 3-B 4-B

For a simple solution we commented out revokePlayer thing in the code.

For future we need to think of what happens when a player is disconnected from the game (e.g His marker changes) We might want to add a “Leave Game” menu item - which is the only case when the player should be revoked and then we rearrange color assignments. Do we really need to revoke players from the game ever? (e.g Remove only marker on Exit and mark player in statistics)

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