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 +====== Half Time Presentation ======
 +On 2007-09-13, we had a "Half Time Presentation"​ reflection the overall state of the project after half of the lab was finished. On this page, you can find the slides and a recording of the presentation:​
 +<object type="​application/​x-shockwave-flash"​ data="​http://​​slideshare/​ssplayer.swf?​id=109324&​doc=half-time-presentation-of-xplab07b3192"​ width="​425"​ height="​348"><​param name="​movie"​ value="​http://​​slideshare/​ssplayer.swf?​id=109324&​doc=half-time-presentation-of-xplab07b3192"​ /></​object>​
 +<br />
 +<br />
 +<object CLASSID="​clsid:​02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B"​ width="​435"​ height="​256"​ CODEBASE="​http://​​qtactivex/​">​
 +<param name="​src"​ value="​">​
 +<param name="​qtsrc"​ value="​http://​​xp/​">​
 +<param name="​autoplay"​ value="​false">​
 +<param name="​loop"​ value="​false">​
 +<param name="​controller"​ value="​true">​
 +/* <embed :​src=\"​\"​ qtsrc=\"​http:::​​xp:​\"​ width=\"​435\"​ height=\"​256\"​ autoplay=\"​false\"​ loop=\"​false\"​ controller=\"​true\"​ pluginspage=\"​http:::​​quicktime:​\">​ *//* </​embed>​ */
 + <​br />
 +<br />
 +[<a href="​http://​​xp/​">​Download Movie (61MB)</​a>​]
 +</​html> ​
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