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 +====== Hardware ======
 +This is the place to share specifics about the Hardware we use
 +===== Device 1 =====
 +  * No password for login required
 +  * Built-in GPS sensor has address ''​COM2''​ (and takes a long while until it finds the position)
 +  * Before the sensor can be used, the ''​Activate GPS Sensor''​((''​C:​\TOOLS\DEVICE_SWITCH.EXE''​)) application must be started once. There, ​ you have to check //Enable gsc3f GPS//, then click //Apply// and then //Close//.
 +  * Device has a German version of Windows Tablet Edition installed
 +  * To run the device wireless with acceptable performance,​ you may want to select the //High Performance//​ profile after disconnecting it from the power supply:
 +{{ :​teaching:​labs:​xp:​2007b:​high_performance_h2r.png}}
 +===== GPS 2 =====
 +  * The devices switches off after it is not used for a while - so you might want to check its status from time to time.
 +  * The bluetooth connection seems not bebe to strong in this device, I got better results if it was close to the OQO
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