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 +===== Lab Management =====
 +==== Agenda ====
 +For the ease of use, you can find a [[http://​​calendar/​embed?​|Google calendar]] containing the schedule of our lab.
 +To include this calendar into your personal calendar application,​ you can use the [[http://​​calendar/​feeds/​​public/​basic|XML]] or [[http://​​calendar/​ical/​​public/​basic.ics|iCal]] feeds. Of course, if you use Google Calendar for your personal time management, you can [[http://​​calendar/​render?​|include the calendar directly]].
 +==== Breakfast ====
 +  * [[food acquisition]]
 +  * [[tidy-up schedule]]
 +==== Contacts ====
 +Contact the lab organizers at <​>,​ all other participants at <​>​ //(members only)//. If you need to contact any other participant directly, you find here some [[:​teaching:​labs:​xp:​2007b:​internal::​personal contact data]].
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