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All sublists are ordered according to our priority. Of course your priorities might be different as certain topics might be more important to you than to us.

First Priority

Further Readings about Software Engineering Practices

The following books can be helpful to deepen the understanding of the practices used during the lab. Once in a while they might be already helpful during the lab, but they are definitely not required. In case you decide to continue to use the practice after the lab, we would recommend to get them because the solve problems on the advanced level.

Further Readings about Agile Software Development

If you want to get an broader overview about Agile Software Development, create your own variation of the process or want to start research about Agile Software Development, we recommend the following literature. This is not required for the lab. Of course, if you want to know when, how, or why agility is possible you might want to pick one.

Further Readings about JBoss Seam

The following books are also recommended by JBoss.

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