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(“to apply for” = “sich bewerben um”; Applications in German are welcome.)

Check list for application

  • First name, family name, matriculation number, current semester
  • Enrollement (University of Bonn, RWTH Aachen, B-IT Media Informatics, or …)
  • Email address
  • Login (at
  • Language skills: German, English
  • Programming languages and level of experience
  • Practical experiences in software engineering
  • Previous studies, lectures attended (as far as this might be helpful for the lab)
  • Why are you interested in attending this lab?
  • Please, write in plain text. No Html, no Pdf, no Doc!

Mail the application to:

  • Deadline for application: Monday 19.11.07
  • Notification of acceptance: Friday 23.11.07
  • Some of you asked for the exercise that was required as a preliminary task for the recent courses. You can find it here and here. Very fast students were able to solve this exercise in two hours. If it takes you up to two days, it would still be OK. Note: This is meant only for self-evaluation, if you are curious to assess your own skills.
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