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Agile Lab Excursion

Friday 14. March 2008

While todays lunch the proposal came up to make our next Excursion to Bonn's most famous Nachtschicht. More Informations will be updated soon.

Saturday - 01. March 2008


  1. First we will meet at 21:00h in “Café Blau” (see Map - Position A)
    • Feel free to bring some of your friends, they are welcome !
  2. later (≈ 23:00) we will head over into the Carpe Noctem (see Map - Position B)
    • Students have free entry :-D (only on saturday)

Of course this plan isn't fixed. There could be some agile changes!


Pic1a Pic1b
(The third picture was too bad!)

Further Excursions

Please dont hesitate to fill in some ideas for further Excursions. Some Ideas already came up while the lab

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