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GUI Cleanup

This storybook is about the consistent naming of elements the definition of a JT perspective and the Eclipse-Look-and-Feel compatible layout of menues.

Consistent Naming

Rename all Views, Preference options and menu items so that they use a consistent terminology:

  • JT Inspector (View)
  • JT Statistics (View)
  • JT Factbase = Process + Module (Terminology)

JT Perspective

Description: Define a JT Perspective. Add menu item to JT menu for opening the JT perspective.

Not this
Main JT Menu - after 3rd iteration
but this
  • Open Prolog Console
  • Open Factbase Inspector (←For Editor Selection)
  • Open Factbase Statistics

  • Editor Selection to Clipboard

The items in [ … ] are not required yet.

Context Menu of Editor

Not this
but this

Context Menu of Inspector

Not this but this

Context Menu of Statistics

Not this but this
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