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Stories for Agile Lab

These are the stories that your customer hopes that you will implement them in the the course of the project. By the way, in XP jargon a story is a small piece of functionality that represents added value for users / custormers. Asking the user to write stories is the XP way of doing requirements elicitation.

The following stories are of brainstorming quality with no claim of having spent a second thought on their completeness, consistency, or technical feasibility (which isn't the user's concern anyway :-) ).

Last Day Challenge

The most important ones among the unfinished stories below are your Last Day Challenge. This includes many bugfixes! Try to get as much as possible done for the final presentation!!!


I use the term “storybook” for grouping stories that have some common overall goal or common value for a client.

Attached to each storybook is an indication of the number of completed versus total stories that it contains (completed / total).

Within each storybook the FIXME marker indicates stories that have not yet been chosen for an iteration. The combined :!: marker indicates stories that are being implemented. The :?: indicates stories that the client is still blocking / postponing / unsure about. For completed stories the iteration in which they have been completed is mentioned.


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