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Testing FAQ

Which tests should I execute?

  • Check out the project jtransformer.testing
  • Find the package org.cs3.jtransformer.testing
  • Before committing your changes you definitely should have run AllTestsSuite successfully.
  • If you changed non-plugin functionality you can restrict yourself to SimpleTestsSuite for a moment.
  • PluginTestsSuite contains all tests that are not simple.

where should i place my tests?

  • in the same project as the functionality that you are testing.
  • in the same package as the functionality. this allows you to keep the functionality that should be tested but should not be visible to the public at ::package level:: (= no visibility modifier set).
  • but the test should be in another source folder. this allows to keep the functionality separated from the tests.
  • if you test requires eclipse to run successfully place it in the plugin-test source folder, otherwise in the tests sourcefolder.

Why do we need the ''org.cs3.jtransformer.testing'' packages?

  • We do not want to export all packages from the plugins, but on the other hand we want to have one test suite to start all tests. Therefore we decided to have just one package with the same name in all of our projects that we export and use from the jtransformer.testing project.
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