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 +====== Results for S01: Observe My Position ======
 +===== Integration Test Results =====
 +==== Timing: ====
 +The time it takes to do the following tasks:
 +  * First-time application loading: 10s to 1 minute (depends on the data connectivity rate). It has been tested and found that the delay is caused totally by the map loading. Other components do not take as long to load. 
 +  * Marker refresh: 5-10s (depends on GPS data (some places are more coarse-grained) and data connectivity rate)
 +  * Map refresh: there are times when the map refresh takes more than 3 seconds, during zooming and scrolling the map but this is very rare.
 +==== Comments: ====
 +  * The application is very stable and did not crash during the 10-minute testing.
 +  * However, hen the application is loaded without data connectivity,​ the map request times out and there is just the white screen. Resolution: in the real application,​ map is not loaded immediately after starting.
 +==== Overall experience: ====
 +In general, the experience of using the simple map application is very immersive as one can see the movement of the marker as one moves about. The potential excitement experienced in the actual game can already be felt during the testing.
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