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 +====== S03: User leaves game ======
 +===== At the exiting client =====
 +  - Confirmation message at the client side whether the user really wants to leave the game. 
 +  - The queue is deleted at the client. ​
 +  - The game should be exited and application quit on the client that requested the exit. 
 +===== At all other clients =====
 +  - The map on all the clients should be refreshed with the removal of the marker of the player who left. 
 +  - The exiting player information should be deleted from the players'​ list at all the other clients. ​
 +===== At server side =====
 +  - The queue belonging to the exiting player should be deleted. ​
 +  - The player should be deleted from the Player list (Game). ​
 +  - The server should broadcast to all other clients informing that a particular user has exited the game.  ​
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