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 +====== S09: Mr. X Show-up Frequency ======
 +===== Acceptance Test =====
 +  - There should be at least two players with one mobile device each. One player will join the game as Mr X. The others will join as detectives.
 +  - They will be able to see their own icons on their respective screens (self icon).
 +  - On the screen of Mr X, he will be able to see the other players'​ icon (detective icon)
 +  - On the the screen of the detectives, they will be able to see Mr X's icon after every n seconds. Time, t=0 is defined the time when Mr X joins.
 +  - Mr X's icon will appear at the same time on all screens of the detectives.
 +  - Mr X's icon will only appear for m seconds each time it appears.
 + (in this test, we define n = 30, m = 5)
 +To avoid confusion on when Mr X shows up when detectives join at different time, the following timing diagram is showed:
 +   Time joined/​Players 0---------10---------20---------30------>​ seconds
 +   Mr X                Joined----------------------------------- ​                         ​
 +   ​Detective 1         ​Joined--------------------------Show Mr X
 +   ​Detective 2                      Joined-------------Show Mr X
 +   ​Detective 3                               ​Joined----Show Mr X
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