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 +====== S16: Indicator for Mr.X's next revelation ======
 +===== Acceptance Test =====
 +  - There should be at least two players with one mobile device each. One player will join the game as Mr X. The others will join as detectives.
 +  - They will be able to see their own icons and the revelation indicator showing the time left till next revelation on their respective screens. ​
 +  - On the screen of Mr X, he will be able to see the other players'​ icon (detective icon).
 +  - By the time the indicator hits "no time left" Mr.X's position will be reveled to all players.
 +  - The revelation indicator will reset and show the time until the next revelation of Mr.X.
 +  - Repeat the last three steps several times. Mr.X should change position between revelations.
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