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 +====== Results for S16: Indicator for Mr.X's next revelation ======
 +===== Acceptance Test Results=====
 +  - Tested with more than two players in the game simulation. ​ One player joined the game as Mr X. The others joined as detectives.
 +  - Own marker was visible, other markers were out of vision range. Revelation indicator was visible as a progessbar in the statusbar of the iPhone. Remaining time decreased the bar observerable.
 +  - When the showUpTime arrived the bar was zero.
 +  - With an new incoming MrXNextRevelation-Message the bar was adjusted to the next showUpTime and started to decrease again.
 +  - Repeated tests produced the same results.
 +===== Integration Test Results =====
 +==== Timing: ====
 +The time it takes to do the following tasks:
 +  * Bar shows up directly with the MapView. Default value at the beginning shows a full bar. No Delay.
 +  * Progress Bar refresh: Reseted as soon as MrXNextRevelation-Message arrives. Then decreasing every 5 seconds. No delay.
 +==== Comments: ====
 +  * The Progress Bar is very stable and did not crash during the repeated tests.
 +  * If no MrXNextRevelation-Message arrives from Server at the Start, the Progress Bar is started with default value 100% and stays at 100% (full Bar) until a incoming MrXNextRevelation-Message starts the bar. 
 +  * If there are no new MrXNextRevelation-Messages arriving after receiving one, the progress bar just runs down to zero in a 5 sec. interval according to the received message and then stays at zero until a new incoming Message resets the Bar.
 +==== Overall experience: ====
 +It's nice to see the Progress Bar is working and you really get an idea how how much time is left until Mr. X shows up again.\\
 +Nevertheless,​ the Position in the Status Bar is irritating. The Bar looks as if it would have nothing to do with the game but rather as if it were showing iPhone related stuff. It should look more SY2Go alike but the position near to the digital clock in the status bar  is good to get an impression at which time Mr. X will show up.\\
 +Perhaps there could be a Information-PopUp when starting the Game stating:
 +  * That Mr.X Position will be revealed for the detectives every x min. (for now x = 5) and is hidden otherwise. ​
 +  * The actual remaining time until Mr. X shows up next time (because a player could join the game perhaps some minutes after an Mr. X). 
 +  * That he Progress Bar indicates the remaining time and where to find the bar.\\
 +A combined Vibration to alert the Detectives when the ShowUpTime is near would be nice.\\
 +At the moment the progress bar size is adjusted to a 5min. interval. If this interval is set to another value the progress bar is not adjusted. The Results of that are:
 +  * interval > than 5min.: The progressbar stays at 100% til the actual remaining time decreased to less than 5 Minutes. Than it works fine for the remaining 5 Minutes.
 +  * interval < than 5min.: The progressbar fills up only to the intervals percentage of 5 min. -> interval = 1 Min.: Progressbar only filled with 10 px. = 1/5 of progress bar. Than it works fine for the remaining time.
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