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 +====== Sandwich ======
 +{{  :​teaching:​labs:​xp:​2008b:​sandwich.jpg?​350|}}
 +Effective feedback about written text (or code). \\ Based on [[http://​​~schmidt/​writersworkshop.html|pattern writers workshop]].
 +  - "​It'​s great that you produced ... for us." ​
 +  - "We liked about your description ..."
 +  - "We suggest the following improvements ..."
 +  - //Questions for clarification.((The author may ask back if he some comments did not became clear to her or him. Justifications or explanations should be postponed for a while. The goal of the feedback is to give access to what is not clear or convincing just from the text.))//
 +  - "​Finally we'd like to say that we really liked ..."
 +<​html><​font size=1></​html>​
 +The copyright of the [[http://​​wiki/​File:​Lomito1.jpg|image]] is holded by [[http://​​wiki/​User:​Gorivero|Gorivero]]. \\ The image is licensed under the Creative Commons \\ Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
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