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 +("to apply for" = "sich bewerben um"; Applications in German are welcome.)
 +===== Check list for application =====
 +  * First name, family name
 +  * Your Matriculation number
 +  * Your current semester
 +  * Enrollement (University of Bonn, RWTH Aachen, B-IT Media Informatics,​ or ...)
 +  * If Uni Bonn: Which DPO ('​Neue'​ or '​Alte'​ DPO?)
 +  * Email address
 +  * **Login** (at
 +  * Do you have a Subversion (SVN) account at the University of Bonn? If yes, what is your SVN user name? If you have forgotten it please tell us.
 +  * Do you have a Wiki account for the SE Wiki ([[https://​​|see here]]) at the University of Bonn? If yes, what is your SE Wiki user name? If you have forgotten it please tell us.
 +  * Language skills: English, German
 +  * Programming languages and level of experience
 +  * Practical experiences in software engineering (e.g. Design Patterns, Refactoring,​ Testing)
 +  * Practical experiences with agile techniques and concepts (e.g. eXtreme Programming or SCRUM)
 +  * Previous studies, lectures attended (as far as this might be helpful for the lab)
 +  * Why are you interested in attending this lab?
 +  * Please, write in **plain text**. No Html, no Pdf, no Doc! 
 +Mail the application to: [[]]
 +  * Deadline for application:​ 28.11.08
 +  * Notification of acceptance: 01.12.08
 +===== Links =====
 +  * Some of you asked for the exercise that was required as a preliminary task for the recent courses. You can find it [[http://​​lehre/​xp2005b/​Wiki.jsp?​page=JavaWarmup|here]] and [[http://​​lehre/​xp2005a/​Wiki.jsp?​page=JavaWarmup|here]]. Very fast students were able to solve this exercise in two hours. If it takes you up to two days, it would still be OK. Note: This is meant only for self-evaluation,​ if you are curious to assess your own skills. ​
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