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 +====== Questions about JTransformer and the PEFs ======
 +  * **Q:** Where is the PEF ''​fileT''​ gone? Is there an replacement?​ Is there a predicate that gives me the source location for the ID of a PEF?
 +  * **A:** ''​fileT''​ was replaced in [[:​research:​jtransformer:​next_jt_release|version 2.6.0]] with ''​fileS''​ or ''​compilationUnitT''​. It is easy to [[:​research:​jtransformer:​compilationunitt#​migration|migrate]] your predicates. There is also an overview of all the [[..:​..:​..:​..:​research:​jtransformer:​migration|changes in JT 2.6.0 and related migration tips]].
 +  * **Q:** Is there a way to generate the reverse indexes for a saved factbase? (Without JTransformer running.)
 +  * **A:** You need to load at least some excerpt of JT or CTC that performs the index creation. Without that, nothing will happen. The files you need to load are: ''​..\plugins\org.cs3.stransformer.java_1.0.3.200812151629\pl\''​ and ''​..\plugins\org.cs3.jtransformer_2.5.0.200812151629\engine\''​. Then you execute the query ''​create_derived_facts''​ to create the reverse indexes.
 +  * **Q:** Is there a way to generate the piece of Java code that belongs to an ID? (Without JTransformer running.)
 +  * **A:** Sure but you need to load at least the part of JT that defines the corresponding predicate. The two files mentioned above are enough. With that you can use ''​gen_tree(ID,​ SourceCode)''​ to regenerate the source code represented by the ID.
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