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  • Define Bundles as Eclipse Plugins
  • Define a unified Folder/Source structure used by each Bundle
  • Move Source Files (including Prolog) according to the Bundles and resolve Dependencies
  • Rename the projects in the SVN.


  • Extracted the three domain specfic plugins from the generic ui.
  • Currently the generic ui implicitly references the other plug-ins via the String-IDs of their view parts in CultivatePerspectiveFactory.
  • The tests are not moved till now.
  • Java files in Core and Base not rearranged.
  • Diagram doesn't get loaded.
  • FitNesse tests are completely confuse in the moment. Quite some gardening required.
  • Some icons are missing. Red squares instead.

Future in process adaptations

  • detector will sometime be replaced by metric and smell.
    • Write metric and smell predicates as we are working on them.
    • Keep a wrapper detector until we have the improved structure on the Java side in place.
  • Introduce Metric-, Smell- and TermQuery in Java
    • Create Metric and Smells as subclasses of detector
    • Extend the repository (DetectorContainer) to handle detectors and queries.
    • Find common interface of metrics, smells, queries for caching and re-executing in the repository.
    • Get rid of the detectors.
    • There is maybe something to improve about the collaboration of the repository and the views.
  • Restructure Prolog files to make intentions explicit.
  • Add a Repository and define Java Query-Result classes used by the Repository
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