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Topic Selection

  • Basic technologies: Prolog and JTransformer
    • Prolog Language: Wasim Bari, Sönke Gluch
    • Prolog Tools: Fisnik Kastrati, Paul Heckmann
    • JTransformer: Jan Nonnen, Sinan Mece
  • Basic technologies: Eclipse
    • SWT and JFace: Fisnik Kastrati, Heinrich Wendel
    • Eclipse Plugins: Wasim Bari
    • Graphical Editing Framework: Malkhaz Gaprindashvili, Diana Cerbu
    • Current prototype: Jan Nonnen, Diana Cerbu
  • Agile practices and technologies
    • Test first: Andri Bremm, Sönke Gluch
    • Version Control, Continuous Integration: Heinrich Wendel, Sebastian Jancke
    • Code Quality: Paul Heckmann, Andri Bremm, Malkhaz Gaprindashvili
    • FitNesse: Sebastian Jancke
    • Planning and Tracking: Sinan Mece

Votes and Rationale for the Selection

Later on Fisnik Kastrati and Wasim Bari have decided to swap the topics (SWT and JFace vs. Eclipse Plugins).
Md. Mahiuddin Imtiaz canceled the lab before it started.

Topic Selection as a Prolog Exercise

Till now we always did the topic selection manually. On the other hand it should be not too difficult to write a Prolog program that enumerates all possible topic selections. In case you want to give it a try, you find the facts represented by the table above below. Let us know if you find a better selection. (There are different criteria for optimality. But as we don't expect many possible solution, the main challenge will be just to find those.)

accepts(andri, integration).
accepts(andri, jface).
accepts(andri, plugins).
accepts(diana, jface).
accepts(diana, plugins).
accepts(diana, quality).
accepts(fisnik, pdt).
accepts(fisnik, prolog).
accepts(heinrich, prototype).
accepts(heinrich, testfirst).
accepts(jan, jface).
accepts(jan, jtransformer).
accepts(jan, planning).
accepts(jan, plugins).
accepts(jan, quality).
accepts(mahiuddin, fitnesse).
accepts(mahiuddin, integration).
accepts(mahiuddin, prototype).
accepts(mahiuddin, testfirst).
accepts(malkhaz, jface).
accepts(malkhaz, plugins).
accepts(malkhaz, testfirst).
accepts(paul, gef).
accepts(paul, jface).
accepts(paul, plugins).
accepts(paul, quality).
accepts(sebastian, fitnesse).
accepts(sebastian, jtransformer).
accepts(sebastian, plugins).
accepts(sebastian, prolog).
accepts(sinan, jface).
accepts(sinan, plugins).
accepts(sinan, prototype).
accepts(soenke, jface).
accepts(soenke, plugins).
accepts(soenke, quality).
accepts(soenke, testfirst).
accepts(wasim, pdt).
accepts(wasim, prolog).
prefers(andri, planning).
prefers(andri, quality).
prefers(andri, testfirst).
prefers(diana, gef).
prefers(diana, prototype).
prefers(fisnik, jface).
prefers(fisnik, plugins).
prefers(heinrich, gef).
prefers(heinrich, integration).
prefers(heinrich, jface).
prefers(heinrich, plugins).
prefers(jan, pdt).
prefers(jan, prolog).
prefers(jan, prototype).
prefers(mahiuddin, jface).
prefers(mahiuddin, plugins).
prefers(malkhaz, gef).
prefers(malkhaz, quality).
prefers(paul, pdt).
prefers(paul, prolog).
prefers(sebastian, integration).
prefers(sebastian, planning).
prefers(sebastian, quality).
prefers(sebastian, testfirst).
prefers(sinan, jtransformer).
prefers(sinan, planning).
prefers(sinan, testfirst).
prefers(soenke, prolog).
prefers(soenke, prototype).
prefers(wasim, jface).
prefers(wasim, plugins).
scheduled(fitnesse, second).
scheduled(gef, second).
scheduled(integration, first).
scheduled(jface, second).
scheduled(jtransformer, first).
scheduled(pdt, first).
scheduled(planning, second).
scheduled(plugins, second).
scheduled(prolog, first).
scheduled(prototype, second).
scheduled(quality, second).
scheduled(testfirst, first).
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