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 +====== Repository ======
 +All our code is in:
 +  * https://​​repos/​IAI_Software/​cultivate/​ (Current prototype and related projects)
 +    * For development check out all projects named "​cultivate.*",​ except "​cultivate.refactor.*"​ and "​cultivate.ui.refactor.*"​
 +      * dsp: I wouldn'​t mind, if you check out the "​cultivate.refactor.*"​ and "​ca.*"​ projects as well, so that automated refactorings take them into account.
 +    * For testing check out the "​sample.*"​ projects. ​
 +Everything else is in:
 +  * https://​​repos/​IAI_Software/​xp/​agile2009a/​ (Root)
 +  * https://​​repos/​IAI_Software/​xp/​agile2009a/​Slides/​ (All presentations)
 +  * https://​​repos/​IAI_Software/​xp/​agile2009a/​tutorials/​ (Example code for exercises, interactive presentations,​ tutorials)
 +Convention for the "​agile2009a"​ repository: Names of folders that are meant to be checked out as folders or as projects start with an uppercase letter. Names of folders that provide an intermediate hierarchical layer start with an lower case letter.
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