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 +====== Agile Lab Topic ======
 +In the course of this project you will 
 +  * learn how to perform agile software development
 +  * develop a useful tool for software analysis and transformation
 +  * learn how many interesting analyses (e.g. "bad smell detection",​ "​design pattern detection",​ ...) 
 +    and software transformations (e.g. "​refactorings"​) can be easily developed using the tool
 +We will focus on analyses, visualizations,​ and refactorings that are centered around **dependencies between packages and classes**.
 +Based on an advanced infrastructure for software analysis and transformation we will develop the next generation of the Cultivate plugin. Our infrastructure is the [[http://​​research/​jtransformer/​| JTransformer plugin for Eclipse]].
 +See the [[http://​​research/​jtransformer/​| JTransformer website]] for background information about 
 +the existing tool. Have a look at the JTransformer tutorial on the website and try it out! For trying out JTransformer
 +you can also perform the the steps described in the [[http://​​~gk/​XPandProgramTransformation/​
 +|lecture on "​Logic-based Programm/​Model Analysis and Transformation"​]]. ​
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