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 +====== Understanding the current Cultivate Plugin ======
 +Slides: [[https://​​repos/​IAI_Software/​xp/​agile2009a/​Slides/​topic-currentprototype.pptx|Current Prototype]]\\
 +Experts: **Jan Nonnen, Diana Cerbu**\\
 +Contact: Daniel Speicher
 +===== Five points to remember =====
 +  - Cultivate is used for Metrics Analyzing, Bad Smell Detection, ​ Visualization,​ Guided Refactoring,​ Conventions ​  
 +  - The model consists of a DetectorContainer,​ which contains the used Detectors. The Detectors query the Prolog KB and store the Results for evaluation.
 +  - For implementing the IQuery interface we provide getter-Methods for the needed results and all needed parameters are passed through the query constructor
 +  - Restaurant Metaphor
 +  - The requests for the Views "​diagram":​ ViewPart->​ResultViewUpdateJob->​Detector(which contains a list of Results)->​Query
 +===== Content of this talk =====
 +There is already a plugin with quite some functionality,​ like
 +  * Calculation of metrics and smells
 +  * Representation of the results in a table view
 +  * Marker management for detector results
 +  * Some graphical visualizations
 +  * A comprehensive set of test cases.
 +The goal of this talk is to present an outline of the current architecture.
 +The prototype will be improved in the next weeks till the lab, so frequent updates and frequent communication with Daniel Speicher is important.
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