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Interactive 2D-Diagrams for Eclipse: GEF

Slides: GEF
Experts: Malkhaz Gaprindashvili, Diana Cerbu
Contact: Daniel Speicher

Five points to remember

  1. Java plugin for creating a visual editor using MVC
  2. GEF is build on top of Draw2D which is used as the View
  3. EditParts are controllers and can have one or many EditPolicies which determine the edit capabilities (resize, move, delete)
  4. GEF provides a Pallete which allows visual selection of tools
  5. Flow of requests/commands

Question and Answers

  • Q: Does an GraphicalViewer work like a JFace-Viewer? Are the classes related through inheritance? Are there similar concepts?

Websites about the Graphical Editing Framework



Old new insights:

  • 06.03.05, dsp: ScrollableThumbnail can be used for an overview window. SVF makes use of this.
  • 06.03.05, dsp: Decorating a BendpointConnectionRouter with a FanRouter blows overlapping Connections apart. :-)
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