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JTransformer: Logic-Based Program Analysis and Manipulation

Slides: JTransformer, Tutorial
Experts: Jan Nonnen, Sinan Mece
Contact: Tobias Rho, Günter Kniesel, Daniel Morales

Five points to remember

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Content of this talk

The talk should present the following topics in a mix of general explanation (slide-based), practical demonstration by the presenter and practical, hands-on exercises for the participants (who should preferably bring their own laptops):

  • The JTransformer Java and Prolog API
  • The JTransformer Fact Base Inspector (FBI)
  • The interaction of the FBI with the Java Editor and Prolog Console
  • … creating query code from source templates …
  • The JTransformer Factbase Statistics View

The tutorial and slides below will give you a good starting point for your talk. Please ask back Tobias for an introduction to the JTransformer Java and Prolog API.



Examples for Tutorials

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