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Building GUIs for Eclipse: SWT and JFace

Slides: SWT, JFace
Experts: Fisnik Kastrati, Heinrich Wendel
Contact: Daniel Speicher

Five points to remember

  1. Every SWT application requires a Display and one or more Shells.
  2. The Shell is a composite object; it can contain other composite objects.
  3. The Shell window must be opened to be displayed.
  4. JFace is Model-View-Controller everywhere
  5. It looks more complicated than it is

Question and Answers

  • Q: What means LCD? (In the context of UI platform incompatibilities?)
  • A: Lowest/Least Common Denominator (deutsch: Kleinstes gemeinsames Vielfaches). Here the maximal set of widgets that run on any operating system.
  • Q: What is the difference between and Action and a Command?
  • Q: Are CellEditors strategies? Does the Viewer hold one instance of an editor for all cells?
  • Q: Can you deploy JFace applications independently from Eclipse? (Standalone?)
  • Q: What is the relation between ViewPart, Viewer and View?

Introduction into Eclipse, SWT and JFace

Getting Started with Eclipse and SWT



Viewing HTML pages in SWT Browser

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