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Version Control, Continuous Integration

Slides: Continuous Integration, SVN
Experts: Heinrich Wendel, Sebastian Jancke
Contact: Daniel Speicher, Pascal Bihler

Five points to remember

  1. Continuous Integration is a method that gets you around integration hell.
  2. Health of the repository's mainline is everything.
  3. The integration server is the reference for everyone.
  4. Highest priority: Fix broken integration.
  5. Don't commit broken code and don't checkout broken code into your workspace.


  • Topics:
    • Cruise Control
      • Unit tests
      • Automated Test Coverage would be great
      • Execution of Acceptance Tests would be the full monty.
    • Preserving consistency of the installed IDEs.
    • Subversion
  • In addition to a short talk, you have to prepare the infrastructure for the lab and maintain it at least at the beginning of the lab.
  • During the lab you will have to take care that somebody takes care about the consistency of the installation and the CruiseControl integration. (Which usually means that you have to do it on your own at the beginning and to train others as soon as possible.)


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