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Problems we had and their solutions

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Console Issues

If you try sudo -s in your console you will be reported.

Project security

Dont use the /tmp folder for checking out your project anymore, it will be deleted at some point. Use /agile/yourname instead.

Youant server issues

Rails project can not be in a subdirectory. You ant Lab version moved to


Find them in the wiki.

Test is stuck/takes forever in Rubymine

Some running procecess in the background prevent Rubymine from finishing the tests. Type “killall -u youraccoutname” in console.

Test fails on new copy from repository / DB migration Issues

If you have some problems with db→migrate. Your model was wrong and you want to remove it from the DB.

  1. You should undo the scaffold. You can use script/destroy scaffold ModelName.
  2. Then create a new correct model with scaffold again.
  3. In order to undo the migration, you have to do tools→rake tasks→db→migrate→reset.
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