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For detailed explanation, please see the SemS JavaDoc and the Customer vision.

  • Annotation An additional information on an HTML element
  • AnnotationWithFractionalConfidences An →Annotation using →fractions for the →contextual confidences
  • Annotation Type The semantic of an →annotation
  • Context A collection of →sensors and →sensor values
  • Contextual Confidence A double value (or a →fraction) associated together with a →context to an →annotation.
  • Element An HTML-Element
  • Fraction A 2-tuple of a double value (“numerator”) and a non-zero integer (“denominator”), which can be interpreted as a double (numerator/denominator)
  • Group A group of →Subjects identified via a string (group name)
  • Property A variable element of an →Annotation. Identified by a name (String) and connected to a property value type
  • Property Value The value of a →Property
  • Semantic Shadow The database managing annotations
  • Sensor A string identifying a →context dimension
  • Sensor value A possible value of a →sensor in a →context
  • Subject The HTML Element the →annotation relates to
  • Value An value of an HTML-Element
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