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General Well-Being

Computer Set-Up

To set up your computer for the lab work, please follow :sec: these basic steps.

Running the Annotator on Windows

  • Download XUL Runner
  • Extract xulrunner and execute “xulrunner –register-user”

Continuous Integration

    • This servere controls the traffic light:
      • The traffic light switches to RED, if any compile error occurs in checked in code
      • The traffic light switches to YELLOW, if any test fails in checked in code
      • The traffic light switches to GREEN, if everything is fine again.
    • The SVN repositories are polled every five minutes for changes.


For keeping track of the stories, we use the Bug-Tracking-Tool Jira with Green-Hopper extension:

Thanks to the company Qeevee UG (haftungsbeschränkt) for making this service possible!
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