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Paper Evaluation

We will evaluate your paper based on the following criteria:

  • Content
    • Main aspects of the topic covered
    • Golden Thread/Logical structure and “reading flow”
    • Newest publications cited?
    • Summaries of publications correct
    • Illustrating examples (Reuse of examples highly desirable)
    • Relevance of the content
    • [Originality]
  • Bibliography
    • Entries correctly formated, e.g. publications state in which conference.
    • All entries are referenced
    • For all references there is an entry
    • Thumb Rule: Journals > Conferences > Workshops > Technical Reports ~ Books (> Online Presentations > Blogs ~ Newsgroups > Website)
    • Direct citation of Wikipedia should be avoided and the correct further references should have been used instead
    • Online Representations and Blogs/Websites/Newsgroups should only be cited for an opinion of the respective author and need further critical discussion based on academic research
  • Citations
    • Papers referenced for statements that are in the focus of the paper (and not just randomly touched)
    • All quotes are identifiable as quotes (E.g. “within quotation marks” or as separate paragraph) and reference is given.
    • Less then 10% of the text should be quotes.
    • Plagiarism is a serious offense!
    • Books should be referenced with the page numbers
  • Figures
    • Own creations strongly preferred
    • If not own creation, reference required
    • Figures should be referenced by the text
    • Explaining text (in smaller font) should allow to understand the figure on its own.
    • Keep your figures elegantly simple.
  • Argumentation
    • Nothing stated without justification
    • Sound logic
    • Presented in clear flow
  • Readability
    • Correct spelling
    • Correct grammar
    • Introductions and summaries (Say, what you are going to explain - Explain it - Say what you explained)
    • Non trivial terms are defined before (!) usage
    • Consistency of used formalization (Don't change names for functions, variables etc. randomly, just because you are relying on different papers.)
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