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Agile Seminar 2012

21.08.2012 to 24.08.2012

The Agile Seminar introduces the students into the theory of Agile Software Development and forms herewith the theoretical foundation for the Agile Lab. In addition, it prepares the participants for agile software development practices and introduces into the frameworks, protocol and tools which are going to be used during the lab time.

This is the preliminary schedule for our seminar:

The seminar topics are:

  1. Kanban - Details - Tiberiu Budau
  2. Pair Programming - Details - Chih-Song Kuo
  3. User Centred Design - Details - Shadan Sadeghian
  4. Feedback and Quality - Details - Vadim Richter
  5. Geodatabases - Details - Shubham Bansal
  6. NoSQL Databases - Details - Johannes Zollmann
  7. WebSockets - Details - Bogdan Rebedeu
  8. node.js / WebFrameworks - Details - Kuan-Lin Chiu

For downloading the summary of each topic, please click its title. Download all papers as a ZIP-file here.

If you have any questions, just drop an e-mail at

Writing the summary

For the summary, we ask you to use LaTeX and this template1). There is no page number restriction (yet), since you might want to use just as much space as you need to document your topic in completeness. Please put your text only in the file yourpart/texcontent.tex and add your bibliographical data into the file yourpart/bibcontent.bib. Please place all your images into the same folder folder yourpart. Before the lab, we like to put all parts together to make one reference out of it. Therefore, please send us your summary until 24.07.12 03.08.12 by e-mail to

If you know a bit of German, you are advised to read this Leitfaden für Ausarbeitungen.

If you are on Windows, you might want to use MikTex, TeXnicCenter and JabRef
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