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How to setup your machine for the Lab

General Setup


  • Install Git for Windows, do not register file extensions or explorer integration, choose “checkout windows line endings, commit unix line endings”
  • Choose Free Non-Commercial License

Getting a new project

  • Switch to the Git Repository Exploring Web Site
    • On the third wizard page, select Projects → Import all existing projects after cone finishes

Running a node.js app

  • Right click the js-File and select Run As → node application

Debug a node.js app

  • Right click the js-File and select Debug As → node application
  • Run the V8-Debugger to attach the debugger to the node process

Run a test

  • Right click the Test-js-File and select Run As → nodeunit test
    • If the binary can not be found, open Run → Run Configurations… and change the Node-Binary path to your projects's node_modules/.bin/nodeunit[.cmd]1) path

Setup a new project (if required)

  • NewJavaScript Project
  • Add folder tests (for the tests :-) )
  • Add folder node_modules (for additional node modules)
    • Select the project's Properties, and from the JavaScript → Include Path exclude this folder (to avoid warnings/errors on validation)
    • In a terminal, navigate to the project folder and run npm install nodeunit
    • Optionally: npm install nodeunit-httpclient and npm install nodemock
  • Add a text-file .travis.yml with this content:
language: node_js
  - 0.8
  • Add a text-file package.json with this content:
  "name": "..."
  , "version": "1.0.0"
  , "scripts": { "test": "node_modules/.bin/nodeunit tests/*" }

  , "description": ".."
  , "author": ".."
  , "homepage": ".."
  , "contributors": [ "..." ]
  , "keywords": [".."]

Getting started with Git

A hands-on introduction into Git for beginners can be found at It takes about 15 minutes and you will learn to use the common commands.

To see some advanced commands and to learn how these affect the different layers of Git, the Git Cheatsheet is a good starting point. It is presented really well and can also be used as a simple reference, therefore, it is definitely worth a look.

for Windows
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