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Agile Lab 2013 - Seminar

Teaching Staff

Name E-mail Phone Office
dsp Daniel Speicher (0228) 73-4315 A109
jn Jan Nonnen (0228) 73-4276 A107

Topic Assignment

Nr. Topic Student Advisor
1 Kanban Shirish Negi dsp
2 SEMAT Ugochukwu Ejikeme dsp
3 Pair Programming Nourhan Abdelhalim dsp
4 Test Driven Development Panagiotis Salonits dsp
5 Shared Executable Design Knowledge Tanya Agarwal dsp
6 Object Oriented Design Zana Vosough dsp
7 Code Readability Christian Langer jn
8 Perceiving Visualization & User Centered Design Narges Kasaeizadeh jn
10 Visualizing Evolutionary Information/Software Emrah Ozkan jn
11 From Game Design Elements to Gamefulness Shubham Agarwal jn

Individual Meetings

During the semester you will meet your advisor twice in an individual meeting. For the exact meeting date please contact your topic advisor in the week before the meeting.

  • 10.-14.06.13
    • Expectations: You have read the initial references and sighted first additional references. You have created a concept paper with an content sketch (1/2 page) plus outline and literature.
  • 08.-12.07.13
    • Expectations: You have read additional literature on your topic, can provide initial notes of your paper. Agreement on the content and focus of your work.


  • 10 Pages PDF including references
  • Tools: Please use LaTeX
  • Scientific standards for references and citations
  • It should not contain reproduction
  • Will be published on the wiki page
  • Deadline: 13.08.13

For the abstract, we ask you to use LaTeX and this template1). Add your bibliographical data into the file bibliography/bibliography.bib. Please place all your images into the folder images.

A general description with tips how to write seminar papers you should take a look at leitfaden_ausarbeitungen-englisch-v02.pdf :en: (provided by the Group of Prof. Martini). A german version of this is also available (leitfaden_ausarbeitungen-v05.pdf :de:).

We collected some more advice about how to find and read scientific papers and give you an impression about how we evaluate your paper.

Presentation & Slides

  • 45 minute talk + 15 minute discussions
  • Deadline for the Slides: 13.08.13
  • Powerpoint (2007/10) template: To be published
If you are on Windows, you might want to use MikTex, TeXnicCenter and JabRef
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