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Route from Central Station or “Universität/Markt” subway station to B-IT-Center:

  • Take subway:
    • line 63 towards “Bad Godesberg” –or–
    • line 66 towards “Bad Honnef”
  • Exit subway at the “Heussallee/Museumsmeile” stop
  • Inside of the station, walk in direction to “Haus der Geschichte”
  • Use the stairs up to “Welcker Straße”
  • Walk down the street till the end
  • Turn left into “Dahlmannstraße”
  • After 160 meters, turn left into “Görresstraße”
  • You will see a (rather small) “B-IT” sign at the entrance to the B-IT campus.

See also:

Food next to the B-IT?

1. The Deutsche Welle Mensa is near B-it building. 5 minutes walk from the B-it building. The food there is tasty, but unfortunately not cheap. We have to pay at least 1.5 Euro extra for a meal, as we are external people. It is very common to spend over 5 Euro for lunch there. And you can not pay cash, only with mensa card. You can get a mensa card from the Automat at the entrance of Deutsche Welle Mensa. 5 Euro for this card and you can get this 5 Euro back if you want to return the mensa card.

2. In front of B-it building, there is a little framehouse, which is new and therefor we don't have any experiences with it.

3. There is a mensa in the house of the Bundesnetzagentur, which is located at the Tulpenfeld. Food is tasty and costs around 5 EUR/meal.

4. There is a mini mensa next to the Willy-Brandt-Allee in the Walter-Flex-Straße:

5. Studentwerk Mensa at Nassestrasse. Take bus 610 from Deutsche Welle to the mensa takes 5-10 minutes or taken the U-63, U-66, U-16 to Juridum takes just several minutes. The food there is cheap, the price is the same as the Informatik mensa in Roemerstrasse.

6. There is another mensa in Bundesrechnungshof, also not far from Museumsmeile station. the food there is also delicious. a little more expensive than the studentwerk mensa, but it seems to be a little bit cheaper than Deutsche Welle Mensa! Pay cash, card is not required.

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