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Exercise Group Schedule

Practical exercises are carried out in small groups (3 to 4 students) that meet their tutor in the terminal pool A106 (Römerstr. 164, Altbau) according to the schedule in the ROOTS-Teaching Calendar.

Why the group meetings are important

The meetings with your tutor are your opportunity to present your exercise results, get feedback and discuss open questions. Thus, they are the best preparation for the examination that awaits you after the course.

In addition, successful completion of at least 50% of the exercises and regular attendance of the exercise groups is the formal prerequisite for being admitted to the examination. “Regular attendance” is defined as failing to attend at most two of the group meetings.

Assignment Sheets

The Assignment sheets can be found on the lecture schedule.

Access to your Exercise Repository

After the installation of the Subversion Client you should configure the acess to the repository where you will store your exercisess.

  1. Go to Window → Open Perspective → SVN Repository Exploring in the menue or Eclipse
  2. … choose New Repository Location in the context menue of the SVN Repository View which just appeared
  3. … a window will open. Enter the following:
mostly “alp.surname” or “alp.windowsaccount”, if the surname is not distinct
Note: If you entered a wrong name or password into the SVN administration software it is not sufficient to insert the right combination afterwards. Reload the SVN admin page and try again. Or restart your browser. Or temporarily switch to another browser.
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