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ALP Online Registration

1. Register online between Monday, April 7, 8:00 and Tuesday, April 9, 18:00

  1. Account creation
    1. Wait for the notification message sent to the e-mail address you entered in step 1.
    2. Confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the message.
    3. Wait for the second notification message, containing your password for the registration system.
  2. Register for the ALP lecture
    1. Use your e-mail-address and password to login at
    2. Select the “Advanced Logic Programming” lecture
    3. Select every time when you have lectures or exercises (so that we know when you are NOT available for exercise groups)
    4. Save your input

Register for the ALP lecture and select times when you are busy with other lectures or exercises. Klick to enlarge

If you try to register after the deadline, the registration system will not show the course anymore. Then please contact your lecturer.

2. Activate your Windows Account in A106

Use the “Computer Science IT Service card”1) to enter the terminal pool A106 and Activate your Windows-account.

3. Tell us your GitHub Account

  1. Go to GitHub and create a free account (if you don't have one yet).
  2. Tell us your GitHub account name by Friday, April 11. (“Tell us ” = Send mail to the alp-staff list)

Why the GitHub account?

You will collaborate with the members of your exercise group and submit your exercise results via Git.
The Git repository that we use for the exercises is hosted at GitHub

Why use Git?

Git is the version control system that you will simply be expected to know when you willhave finished your master's degree. So better make sure you get to know it as soon as possible and use every opportunity to really master it! It will be one of the 'selling points' when you will aplly for a job.

You never heard about Git?

Then read Atlassian's Git tutorial and attend the “Git Crash Course” on Thursday, at 17:00 in Room A207 ← The ALP lecture room.

4. Send us your public SSH key

Tools. Linux has open-ssh installed. In Windows you create an ssh key with the open-ssh version that comes with MSysGit. For that you go to the MSysGit installation folder and start git-bash.bat

Ablauf. No matter whether you are on Linux or on a git-bash type:


When you are asked for a passphrase don't enter anything (leave it empty). When you are asked for a filename enter your firstname and lastname as follow


This creates two key files

  • ← the public key that you send us (see below)
  • firstname.secondname ← the private key that you need at your first connection to our Git server

You find them in your home directory (Linux) or in the “.ssh” folder of your user folder (Windows), or in the folder in which you invoked the ssh-keygen command.

which you got with your Computer Science account
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