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  • Assignments are typically published here each week on Friday (see “Release date” column).
  • Your solutions must be submitted via Git by 4 PM on the next Friday 1).
  • Sample solutions will be linked two weeks after the release date (when all tutorial sessions for that assignment are completed).
Release date Assignment sheet Sample solution
17.04.16 Assignment 0 (updated)2)
22.04.16 Assignment 1 Solutions 1
29.04.16 no new assignment sheet since lecture was cancelled due to public transport strike
06.05.16Assignment 2 Solutions 2
20.05.16 Assignment 3 assignment3_hint.pdf Solutions 3
Whitsun Vacation
27.05.16 Assignment 4 Solutions 4
03.06.16 Assignment 5 Updated Solutions 5
10.06.16 Assignment 6 Solutions 6
17.06.16 Assignment 7 Solutions 7
24.06.16 Assignment 8 Solutions 8
01.07.16 Assignment 9 Solutions 9
07.07.16 No new assignment sheet. See note below.

In the pre-final week of the ALP course, there will be no new assignment sheet. This enables spending the tutorials in the final week (July 18 to 22) not on discussion of an assignment but on a test exam. You will spend half of the tutorial solving exercises that might be part of an exam and the other half discussing your solutions and expecially the problems you encountered. Take this opportunity to get a fair training for the exam and a feeling how much you already achieved or still need to achieve. The points in the test exam will not be counted as assignment sheet points, they are just to inidcate where you would stand if this were your real exam.

Submission date and time are specified also on each assignment sheet
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