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Exercis Groups

Exercises are carried out small groups of 3-4 people who meet their tutor in one of our computer pools. The meetings with your tutor are your opportunity to present your results, get feedback and discuss open questions. They are the best preparation for the exam and the prerequisites for being admitted to the exam.

Registration for an Exercise Group

→ See exercise sheets.


You can find the groups' times in the PDF file here: alp_2016_exercise_groups_timing.pdf

If you want to change your group

  1. Send a message to the alp-course mailing list indicating your current group number and the group number(s) you want to switch to and asking if someone is willing to swap groups with you
  2. When you found someone, write to the alp-staff list stating who wants to swap with whom. This mail should include your swap partner in the cc, as a confirmation that he is accepting the swap.
    • Write to the list, not just to your tutor, because also the tutor of the other group needs to know about the change. Both need to modify the Git access rights of “their” group so that each of the swap partners can work in the new group.
  3. The group change is officially completed when you get a message from one of the two affected tutors confirming the change.

Access to your Exercise Repository

All the assignment reusults are submitted via a Git repository. Each exercise group has its own repository that will be assigned in the process of registering for a group. You will be notified about your group number and repository by e-mail.


Practical tutorial sessions for MSc inf Computer Science students are carried out in terminal pool A106 (Römerstr. 164, Altbau, one level below the lecture room).

For being able to access the room you should have a computer account in the Computer Science Department. If you have none yet, go to the yellow container behind the building (first office on the left-hand-side).

The location of the tutorial sessions for Media Informatics students still has to be determined. It will be either in the Windows pool in the yellow container behind the Römerstrasse 164 building (last room on the right-hand-side) or in a computer pool of the b-it building.

Assignment Sheets

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