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ALP 2017 Exam Regulations

Registration for the Exam

Please register via Basis.

The deadline for exam registration in Basis will be announced by e-mail.

Admittance to the Exam

Formally, you do not need to fullfill any special requirements to be admitted to the exam. However, we STRONGLY advise to attend the exercises regularly and use them as exam preparation and continuous feedback about your chances to pass the exam. If you do not manage to achieve at least 50% of the points for each assignment sheet your chances to pass the exam will be extremely low, not to say non-existent. In that case, it might be better NOT to register for the exam and try next year again instead of registering for an exam you know you will fail.

Complete Exam Regulations

The regulations of MSc Programme in Computer Science apply. If you are new in Bonn and do not understand the exam regulations, contact the Master Office.

For b-it students the regulations of the Media Informatics programme apply.

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