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Prolog, Eclipse, JTransformer, PDT

For the practical exercises we use:

  • SWI-Prolog 7.5.2. It is a fast, free and ubiquitous Prolog system with lots of goodies that we shall explore in the course.
  • JTransformer a plugin for Eclipse that is capable of representing Java projects in Prolog so that we can easily analyse and transform them using the power of Prolog

JTransformer includes the The Prolog Development Tool (PDT) for Eclipse, which is a much nicer Prolog development environment than the one included in the SWI-Prolog distribution.

Working at Home

At home you can install all of the above by starting from the JTransformer installation page, which refers to everything you need.

Working at the University

In the terminal pools at the university you do not have admin rights for installing your own software. However, that is not a problem, since there are portable installations that can simply be copied to some arbitrary folder.

SWI-Prolog Installation
  • Unzip in any directory you want.
  • Add the “bin”-folder of the unziped SWI-Prolog release to your Path environment variable.
Eclipse Installation
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