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Informatik-DPO 2003

There will be oral exams during the course-free summer period. The dates will be announced on the top-level page of the ALP course.

Admission to the Exam

The regulations of DPO 2003 apply. To be admitted to the exam you have to achieve at least 50% of the total exercise points and actively attend the exercise groups on a regular basis. “Regular basis” means you may skip at most 2 exercise sessions1).

Note that in accordance with §18 (2) of DPO 2003, students who have not yet achieved their “Vordiplom” but have already reached 50% of their main study points or would reach them with this course are not admitted to the examination. It is possible to file an application for exemption to the “Prüfungsausschuss”. Please contact the “Prüfungsamt” if you are affected by this regulation.

Registration for the Exam

Use the “Anmeldung zu Modulprüfungen (DPO 2003): HD” registration sheet provdided here.

Hand the filled and signed registration sheet to your tutor before the deadline announced in the lecture.
Sessions skiped because of illness proved by a medical certificate are not counted.
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