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Prolog, Eclipse, PDT, JTransformer

For the practical exercises we use:

ubiquitous Prolog system with lots of goodies that we shall explore in the course.

turning Java projects into Prolog factbases that we will analyse and

    transform using Prolog and Conditional Transformations. 
  * [[|The Prolog Development Tool (PDT)]] for Eclipse (included in JTransformer).  

Note: You can (and should) install the PDT as part of the installation of JTransformer. Then you can update the PDT independently by using the nightly update site URL from the PDT installation page.

Working at home

At home you need to install all of the above yourself. The recommended way of doing it is to start from the JTransformer installation page, which refers to all the other relevant plugins.

Working at the University

At the university you do not have admin rights for installing your own software. However, that is not a problem, since everything we need comes also with portable installations where it suffices to copy the software to some arbitrary folder.

SWI-Prolog installation
  • In the terminal pools you cannot use the Windows installer because you have no admin rights. Instead, unzip in any directory you want.
  • Type “env” into the search line of the “Start” menu, then choose “Edit environment variables for your account” to include the SWI-Prolog executable “…\plwin.exe” into your path.
Eclipse Installation
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