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Advanced Logic Programming (ALP)

This course in intended for students with basic knowledge of logic programming, who want to learn how to use logic programming effectively and efficiently.

ALP is a prerequisite for several other courses in the Software Engineering curriculum. In addition, many theses offered in the Software Engineering group require very good logic programming skills.

The ALP course is regularly offered in the summer semester, as part of the ICM track of the CS Master's program. Master students should preferably attended it in the second semester (if you start in the winter semester). The course can also be attended by diploma students.

Since 2010, the ALP course comprises one lecture session (2 hours) and one exercise session (2 hours) per week, which is the equivalent of 6 credit points.

Course number MA-INF 3207
Credit points 6
Diploma category B
Language English
Lecturer Dr. Günter Kniesel

For details (topics, schedule, etc), see the websites of the respective year:

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