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Working with Subversion (SVN)

Installation of Subversive

Subversive is the Eclipse-Plugin we recommend for working with your Subversion-repositories. To install Subversive into Eclips 3.31) follow our instructions.

  1. To install a plug-in for Ecplise use the menue-point Help→Software Updates→Find and Install
    Auswahl des Menüpunkts Help->Software Updates->Find and Install

  2. The following window will open. Choose the 2nd alternative and proceed with “Next”.

  3. A new window opens. Here you need to add two links if they are not already in the list below. You add a link with “New Remote Site…”.

    1. The first link is:
      You may choose any name you like.

      After your affirmation the new link will be shown in the list.
    2. The second link is:

      Both names will be shown in the list with a checkmark. To avoid further requests choose “Automatically select mirrors” below the list and confirm your selection with “Finish”.
  4. You will get the following window.

    • Choose “Subversive SVN Connectors” and “Subversive SVN Team Provider” (Windows + Linux).
    • For Windows you can choose from all given SVN Connectors, for example “JavaHL 1.5 Win32 Binaries”.
    • For Linux you can use “SVNKit” or one of the “Native JavaHL” implementations but the Win32 version.
    • Continue with “Next”.
  5. Now you have to accept the license agreements:

  6. After that you should see:

  7. After selecting “Finish” you have to verify the certificate:

Introduction to configuration-management and SVN

For other versions of Eclipse the procedure is the same but you will need other update-sites.
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