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Modul Examination Informatik-DPO (2003) und MaPo

If there will be written or oral exams will be announced together with the date of the examination.

Requirements for the Examination

The general requirements of the respective examination regulations apply.

Students of DPO(2003) and Magister students have to actively attend the exercise groups on a regular basis. Without a medical certificate you may only pass on up to 2 examination sessions. You also need to reach at least half of the exercise points.

Please be aware that, in accordance with §18 (2) DPO(2003), students who have not yet achieved their “Vordiplom” but have already reached 50% of their main study points or would reach them with this course are not admitted to the examination. If you might be affected by this regulation you should contact the “Prüfungsamt”. It is possible to file an application for exemption to the “Prüfungsausschuss”.


Please register to the examination with the following registration sheets:

For further informations visit the pages of the Prüfungsbüro:

Please hand the registration to your tutor. Deadline is the ***.2009! (including)← FIXME date

Oral examinations for Informatik-DPO 1998

Students of the old DPO(1998) can combine AOSD with other lectures for a B or C exam. A good combination would contain ALP and a 4-hour lecture. Please ask Dr. Günter Kniesel or Prof. Dr. A. B.Cremes about possible combinations.

Examinations of old DPO (1998) can only be held by professors or by a professor and another examiner (“Kollegialrüfung”). For the registration to an exam accroding to DPO (1998) contact the examiner about the combination of subjects and the date of the exam.

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