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AOSD Infrastructure

This page tells you how to activate your account, which software you need, how much of it you must to install yourself and how to do it.

Account Transfer and Activation

For the exercise group meetings you need access to the computers in terminal pool A106. You get it by

  1. waiting until your account on the computers in the “Neubau” has been activated in the “Altbau”. You can check its activation from home by logging in with your normal account and its unix password on one of the coputers in the “Altbau”, for instance “”.
  2. activating your Windows-account on the computers in the “Neubau”.

This procedure will also enable your “pool access card” (which you got when you got your account in the first place) open the door of A106.

For those whose account is already activated in the “Altbau”, it is nevertheless essential to attend the initial meeting and be registered as a course participant. This not only guarantees that your account's validity will be extended but also creates a Subversion account, which you will badly need!

AOSD Software Tools

For the practical exercises you will need two Eclipse installations. You can get Eclipse here:


  • Subversive a powerful client for the Subversion software configuration management system, which will be the basis

for submitting exercise hand-ins to your tutor.

We will use two aspect-oriented languages, since the are not usable within the same Eclipse you will need TWO installations of Eclipse with the Subversive plugin.


The first installation will only need the AJDT plugin for AspectJ:

  • AJDT, the AspectJ Development Tools


For the second language, LogicAJ, you need:

Working at home

At home you need to install all of the above yourself. The recomended way of doing it is to start from the LogicAJ installation page, which refers to all the other relevant plugins, except Subversive. You can afterwards add the Subversive installation.

Working at the University

Once you have access to the computers in terminal pool A106 you will find Eclipse and Subversive already installed. You only need to install PDT, JTransformer, LogicAJ and the AJDT. Because you do not have access rights to the regular Eclipse installation directory, follow these instructions, to install plugins in a folder of your own choice. You will have to use two folders and two shortcuts, one for PDT, JTransformer and LogicAJ, and the other for AJDT.

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