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To participate in the exercises you need an account on the Windows computers in A106. You will get one by:

  1. Account in “Neubau”. To use computers of the Computer Science Department at all, you first need to create an account in "Neubau". You should already have one.
  2. Exercise-Application. To use computers in “Altbau” you need to provide us with the name of your “Neubau” account while applying for an exercise group to indicate your need for an account in “Altbau”.
  3. Activation of Linux account in “Altbau”. After the application deadline for the exercises all accounts will be activated for the Linux computers in “Altbau”. This can take 1-2 days. You will then be able to login on with ssh. Additionally, you can enter the CIP-Pools A106 and A227 by using your card. If both is impossible after 2 days please ask SGA (Systemgruppe Altbau) whether your account has been created.
  4. Activation of your Windows account in “Altbau”. Initially, the new account in “Altbau” will only be valid for Linux. It has the same name and (Linux) password as the “Neubau” account. The activation of your account for Windows computers in "Altbau" can be done by yourself with your Linux account and password. (Link is only valid inside of the university network.)
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