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Assignment 5 - Aspect Oriented Software Development

You can install AspectJ and the AJDT from the update URL or go to the download page For more information about AspectJ use the online help (also available at, the slides of the lecture or the presentation at parc on which the first lecture was mainly based.

Task 16

  • Sample Solution (Eclipse Project. Browse it with your webbrowser or check it out with eclipse.)

You can find the sourcecode for this assignment in the project UntangelingBanking. 'BankSession' in the folder 'tangled' contains the example for tangled code from the lecture. 'untangled' contains already a new untangeld version with aspects. Sadly the aspects still need to be implemented. Your task is to restore the functionality found in the tangled example code. Don't change anything except for the aspects. Make sure the test runs.

Implement the aspects ContractChecking, Security Logging and Transactionality. The aspect ContractChecking should contain all functionality that checks the input arguments, the supposed content of the aspects Security, Logging and Transactionality should be obvious.

If you are unsure about what code in the tangled application matches what concern take a look at the lecture slides.

Task 17

Based on a use case driven analyis we implemented a Gomoku application. Fill in the gaps:

Add the analysis objects for the “View Hall of Fame”-Use Case Slice. Your solution should be as detailed as the presentation of the “Record New Highscore”-Use Case Slice:

Give in the following diagram the class extensions for HighScoreRecording at the same level of detail as we did for HallOfFameViewing:

Apply your solution to either the PowerPoint file or the two pngs located in your repository.

Task 18

  • Sample Solution (Eclipse Project. Browse it with your webbrowser or check it out with eclipse.)

Complete the implementation of HighScoreRecording and HallOfFameViewing in A5T17-18_GomokuApp. We prepared most of the code. You have to add the essentials: The aspect code is missing.

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