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  • The first exercise session was held on 03.11.08, 11:15 in A207, Römerstraße 164.
  • We organized the groups and gave a tutorial for Subversion and Jude.
  • Details about the exercise organization can be found on our slides.


  • During the first exercise session we had also a short anonymous assessment.
  • You may want to have a look at our sample solution.
  • If you want to know, how much you have to do have a look at the color coded result.
  • The bad news is that almost all of you have to catch up. The good news that we can provide help and that we think it can be easy and fun.
  • Almost all of you need to catch up with respect to UML basics. Besides the sources we mentioned in the lecture the slides from the UML lecture of the last OOSC offer a concise introduction .
  • If you need to refresh or improve your knowledge about Object Oriented Programming we strongly recommend our Tutorial: Object Oriented Programming. You tutors will ask you about this tutorial in the next exercise.



Presentation of solutions

Day Time Group# Tutor Building Room
Tu 13:00 1 Matthias Römerstraße A106
Mo 14:30 2 Boris Römerstraße A106
Mo 12:30 4 Matthias Römerstraße A106
Th 17:15 5 Matthias b-it U37/38 (PC Pool)
Tu 14:00 6 Matthias Römerstraße A106
Mo 14:00 7 Boris Römerstraße A106
We 13:00 8 Boris Römerstraße A106
Th 16:15 9 Matthias b-it U37/38 (PC Pool)
Mo 13:30 10 Matthias Römerstraße A106
Mo 13:30 11 Boris Römerstraße A106
We 13:30 12 Boris Römerstraße A106
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